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"Welcome, From Don Leopard!"

Imagine for a moment that you had PERSONAL Access, to someone so successful in internet marketing that he is called "The Online Marketers Secret Weapon?" Well... you can stop imagining! I have partnered with Mike G, one of the world's top 10 internet marketers. to give you something, something free, something of value, something so important you absolutely positively must have it if you are serious about making money on the internet.

⭐Message From Mike G

"It just makes more sense to learn from someone who has built very successfully, multiple streams of income and businesses, than from some teacher whose only claim to success is their teaching products and who have never made any real money doing the real things necessary to build a business on line!" ⭐ 


We serve both brick and mortar business owners and independent home business entrepreneurs.

This includes people who have never owned a business before and do not have any idea where to start. 

We know from the past several decades of personal experience, with the right attitude and your own personal drive, success IS well within your reach.


To assist in the achievement of your  business success, we can share with you a proven business model that is specially designed to help the average person get up and running successfully 

(and most importantly making money) quickly, easily and without the usual and unwanted frustration. 

"Let us help...that's why we're here:)

It's mind-boggling... It's phenomenal... It's exciting... and it's all set up for you!

Do you ever wonder why some small businesses 

are able to achieve an astronomical kind of success, 

while othersmall business owners work extremely

 hard and struggle, but never even get close?

It comes down to lead generation and training, 

but not the kind you might think. 

Their success stems from learning how to unlock 

their most powerful asset, the human mind.

Just think how many sales you can make with a mobile marketing app and a continuous flow of top quality leads in your system daily?

Here's your chance to learn from one of the "world's best" marketers.

And you can get his report in a "FREE" personally recorded audio and in written form!

If your website is not 'mobile-friendly' 

your traffic will LEAVE!

Listen to ICANetwork CEO 

Mike G's Recorded Overview Below...

Why make your Site 'Mobile-Friendly' 


"Always Remember This"

When all is said and done, 

more is said than done.

Therefore, Well DONE is  

much better than Well SAID!

It’s not WHAT you sell...

It’s HOW you sell it!

"Let us help...that's why we're here:)"

This is one of the "Rare Times" that my partner Mike G, shares his very closely held online marketing secrets.

This is your Rare Chance 

to get FREE access to 

one of the top 10 

success EXPERETS 

in the entire online 

marketing world!

"I call it my Secret Weapon!"

"Ask yourself this question Honestly"

Are you happy with the amount of traffic and business that you 

are getting Right Now?

If you are, then you can 

forget this message. 

If you’re not, then get "Mike G's"  F-R-E-E  Report  and let's begin solving the problem, Right NOW!

Are you wondering if we really know what we're talking about?

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Our companies various 

services, products and 

programs, sell in the 

$MILLIONS Every Year! 

We are "Time Tested & Proven Experts" at what we do! P.E.R.I.O.D.

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Passionate, Life-Long Marketing Pro's & Business Owners - A Division Of Leopard Ventures

Special Mission Statement 

from Founder/Director, 

Don Leopard

"We shall give good service...

At a profit if we can...

At a loss if we must...

But always good service."

-Mel G. Thillens 1932 

We'd like to invite you to do 

something "Very Bold" and 

outside of your normal 

comfort zone. 

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

After several decades as proud

and successful business owners,

we are now offering our combined 

experience and processes that 

are designed to help empower 


We can outfit YOUR business, 

using "The LATEST technology" 

in mobile marketing methods,

plus a multitude of mind blowing 

innovative proprietary methods, 

that we have developed, and can 

use for superior growth and 

success, in helping to promote 

your personal business.

One of my world-renowned partners

Mike G., conducts a weekly training,

always followed with Q and A...

Where Mike Pours his HEART Out!

Teaching the many things he's 

learned in his successful career. 

Message from Mike G.

Unlike most internet marketing 

"Gurus", my success story did 

not hinge upon teaching people 

how to be successful on the net.  

I have been plugging away for 

years in my various businesses 

perfecting a marketing technique 

that is mine alone.

My personal database is well into 

the MILLIONS of opt-in subscribers, 

members, and customers to my 

various programs, products and 

services, and lead generation 


Our various products 

and programs sell in the 

$MILLIONS every year. 

This is one of the rare times 

I ever share my closely held 

secrets for promoting web 


With your download of our 

free report, we know you are 

interested in how to have a 

successful online business. 

Don't miss out - you can get 

it here today for FREE:

🔴 http://LeopardmanAndMikeGPresent.com

We cordially invite you to our live 

training call held on Tuesdays.

We'll teach you some of our our 

closely held secrets and there is

never a cost to attend for our

club members.

"Join Our Free Members Club Today!"

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We are changing the net 

one person at a time.
Will you be next? 

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And you will be able to listen in 

every Tuesday to Mike G's 

awesome training calls.


Find out how we can 

support your growth!

And help put you on a solid track 

to true success & profit for 2018 

and many years into the future.

"We Invite YOU to SEE what our

Amazing New "Silent Salesman(TM)"

Mobile App CAN DO FOR "YOU!"

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FREE REPORT REVEALS... "How to Survive - and Thrive - in the Mobile Landscape of Today... and Beyond"

Mobile marketing is exploding! 

  • And unless you are prepared for the continued massive growth expected in this industry, your business will be left behind your competitors!
  • Let us teach you everything you need to know in our free "ICANetwork Confidential Marketing Advantage" report
  • We'll open your eyes to this rapidly changing industry and how you can not only profit from it, but DOMINATE in your own niche!

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We are aggressively seeking Independent Representatives 

to join us and offer our services to local businesses.

Due to the over whelmimg 

reponse and demand for our 

servies, we are aggressively 

seeking  top performing professional

distrtibutors worldwide.

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Residual Monthly Paychecks in an 

Industry You Can Take Pride In?

Would you too like to learn how 

to earn large monthly residual 

paychecks simply by introducing

others to highly desirable but

affordable products and services 

designed to help businesses 

in today's mobile landscape?

We are aggressively seeking 

Independent Representatives 

to join us and offer our services 

to local businesses.

Our product and service line up 

is poised to take full advantage 

of the mobile landscape of today 

and beyond. 

And, YOU have the opportunity 

to share in the spoils! 

You see, it's important you 

understand the tremendous 

potential of the service products 

you can now offer customers in 

every English-speaking country. 

And, be paid very generous 

residual commissions on 

each sale. 

The Opportunity

Our unique compensation plan 

offers outstanding commissions 

both in the sales made directly 

by you, and as a percentage 

of sales made by those other 

Independent Representatives

 you introduce to us as well! 

Full details on our compensation 

plan are available at our website, 

but rest assured, it can be every 

bit as lucrative for you as the 


products we offer!

We offer several designations. 

Please visit the ICAN Opportunity

 page to select yours and 

get started today!


Look, let's face it, and you may 

not even be aware of this.

Perhaps you've bought into MLM 

hype before, but it's extremely rare 

for any individual to go deeper 

than three levels in any 

compensation plan.

Most of those competing programs 

do just one thing, they line the

company's pockets with the 

profits that they never have to 

pay out in commissions because 

no one ever earns them anyway. 

Our compensation plan provides 

for unlimited members on 

the first level, unlimited members 

on the second level, and 

unlimited members on the 

third level.Simple, and 

enormously profitable. 

If you want to work the rest of
your life that 's your business.
If you don't want to work for
the rest of your life...
That's Don Leopard's business! 

Ready to get started?

We have built the Apollo launch pad 

and all you need to do is hop on 

board by joining iCAN and 

future programs for an economic

ride that could last you a lifetime. 

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Don Leopard

ICANetwork Director

Our Success is Your Success

Don and Mike both want 
to give You - the time &
guidance You deserve. 

Whether you are just starting out, 
or need to redevelop your brand, 
we can work with you to create 
your brand story  that will relate 
to your target market and lead 
your business to success. 
We didn’t get there alone, 
and neither will you. 
ICAN GoApp! Your Own Mobile Marketing App!

Now you can have your very own App 

for your business that your customers 

carry on their phones at all times! 

The ICAN GoMobile Website Conversion Service

Optimize Your Local Search Engine Ranking 

and get Guaranteed First Page Results!

If your website is not 'mobile-friendly' 

your traffic - WILL LEAVE !!!

While most large businesses already

have already invested in making 

their websites mobile friendly, 

millions of small businesses 


minute because they haven't 

had the budget or incentive to 

convert their old "desktop-only" 

web design.

And that's why we offer this 

mobile marketing app lead 

generation business 

development service, 

at a price ANY business 

can afford, no matter 

how small!

The ICAN GoSocial 

Facebook Management Service

If you have an existing FaceBook™page,

great! If not, we'll automatically 


let us know on the order form 

and we'll take it from there!

The ICAN GoSocial™ Facebook 

Management service is hands 

down the easiestand fastest

way stay on top of your 

social presence. 

We do it all for you... 

So you can focus on what's

important - run your business.


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We are a professional internet 

marketing services online & 

SEO company, now offering 

The Silent Salesman(TM) 

Mobile Marketing App! 

We specialize in professional 

mobile smart phone and

 internet marketing services.


"Let us help...that's why we're here:)"


Use our creative services, to see fast positive results!

It’s not what you sell...

It’s how you sell it!

Innovation Development: 

Sometimes the best brands get 

left behind because their web

design and SEO has become 


The Internet is always changing! 

Google and the other search 

engines are always adapting! 

Keep your brand current and 

reach Google’s #1 spot. 

We believe that a business with a 

great marketing team can make 

an impact on the world. 

Take the first step and contact us 

and together, we can reach 

your goals.

Contact Don & Mike G today!


Get paid offering our services to local businesses

When Apple Approved Our "Silent Salesman(™) Marketing App," They Said "It Is The Best Mobile Marketing and Communications App That They Have Ever Approved!

Due to the tremendous acceptance and interest in our New "Silent Salesman(TM) Mobile App," we are currently seeking Independent Representatives to join us and help market our services to local businesses in your own city/town and nearby communities! Contact Don at: DonLeopard.com - A Division Of: "Leopardman Global Advertising Sales & Service" if you would like to learn more about the exciting details and the tremendous income potential!!! Many of our services are also available in English speaking countries Worldwide. Ph. 608-273-1856, Mon-Fri 9-5 CDT, USA 🔴Copy & Paste this url, http://myoots.com/44oly

“We Are The Leaders In Web 3.0 Come Find Out Why! and How YOU Can Profit With Us.”

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm CDT U.S.A.

Saturday - By appointment

🔴Ph. 608-273-1856

Sunday - Closed 

It's fast and easy to ask questions, request a personal appointment with our team, or  send us a message, by going to: 🔴DonLeopard.com 


Personal Email:


When all is said and done, 

more is said than done. 

Therefore, "Well DONE" 

is  much better than

 Well SAID...

-Don Leopard 

"Let us help...that's why we're here:)"



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